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Williams wins Triple Crown Award in Colorado tournament

Caleb Williams recently returned from the Rocky Mountain Nationals "Who's Bad National Wrestling Tournament" that was held in Denver. Colo. earlier this month.

Williams took first place at the tournament and in doing so did a very special thing. By placing first in any three of five of the tournaments held a triple crown or Youth Wrestling Trophy is awarded along with the Honor of Accomplishment.

Williams is the very first wrestler from Utah to ever achieve this prestigious honor and one of the few nationally to receive it.

Williams accomplishment was made even better by the fact that not one of his opponents were able to score a single point against him. Two of his opponets were past Triple Crown winners themselves.

Williams says his next goal is to take first in a fourth tournament and secure the Golden Gear Award, the pinnacle of the series.

William's parents, Ron and Kim Williams, are like many young wrestlers parents who must travel from place to place on weekends to help their sons to achieve these honors.

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