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Rantings and Ravings

Guest contributor

There is something about this time of year that makes me want to change everything.

It might be because we have had the house crowded by Christmas decorations and the tree for a while. It might be because I am spending more time inside of my house than outside. It may be because the days are short and seem pretty dreary. I don't know for sure, but I sure get the itch to remodel, redecorate and change my entire house.

It starts slowly. First I need to find places for the new things we just acquired. Then I need to move furniture from where it was stashed to make room for the tree. Finally there is the need to build something.

When I say build something, I don't mean some little shelf for the wall. I am talking walls and built in bookcases and adding French doors to my bedroom.

Okay the last thing won't happen, but the rest of it will.

My husband gets afraid to leave town. That is when I get the most creative with the house. Mainly that happens because I don't have him to slow down my thinking. I now finally understand the concept of a load bearing wall so I figure the rest are fair game for whatever might come their way.

I can tell whether or not he approves of my creations by how long the silence lasts when he first sees them. Really long pauses are a bad sign.

Actually he approves of most of the things I do. I think it is the process he probably would cringe at if he could see it.

I am not one who uses the proper tools for the job. If I am working and need something I will grab the closest tool that I think I can do the job with rather than go out to the garage and find the right one. That action makes my life much harder than it need to be.

My husband, on the other hand will stop a project just to go buy a specific tool to accomplish a task.

I am not sure why we need a 21TPI, metal 1/16" hacksaw blade when we have a perfectly good steak knife in the top draw that will cut anything, given enough time and muscle.

Well my husband is out of town and time is a wasting. I think we need a mud room.

The question is, where to put it?

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