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Letter to the Editor: What about liberty



In regards to last months disclosure of the National Security Agency and pentagon spying on citizens, one must wonder what the heck is going on.

I am not the most educated person in regards to all the ramifications of these wrongful deeds but do have enough sense to know that this is wrong. Hooray for the senators in Washington who have spoken up. (What else is going on?)

Our president stated (What the American people want to know is that he is doing everything to protect us. At what cost? Our liberty?) We seem to have a president who flaunts his authority.

I think not.

He has embarked on a slippery slope taking us all with his actions. I do not wish to play on his slide, and with those in government who agree to go along.

God help us to discern where we are being led and to oust them. If ever there was a case of impeachment I believe that is it.

I believe we have had a wake up call. And it's time to exercise our authority over those who govern us and any national party, congressman, senator or agency to be turned out if this is not stopped.

I think the people in authority had better speak up and correct this now. We are not dumb out here.

These monkeys had better get their hands off their eyes, ears, mouths and back sides and do something about this or be voted out.

Those in government who pledged to obey the constitution had better get with it. I am dismayed with the whole bunch. Those in office in any state, district or congress who do not speak up or address the wrongfulness of this should be asked why and if they remain silent it would appear they agree with it.

And what about this Supreme Court. Do we have to wait for a law suit for them to act.

Our liberty has been abridged. If ever there were a time for the citizens to speak up, it's now whether you agree or not step up to the plate.

Who are we? Where are we going and who is taking us there? Let us base our decision on the actions of what is to come and correct it now and at the next election.

God help us.

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