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College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum features 'Fossilized Forest' at gallery

A pair of visitors examine several of the hundreds of pieces of petrified wood currently on exhibit at the College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum.

An open house presented last Friday at the museum attracted dozens of local residents and people visiting the Castle Valley area.

The crowd attending the event appeared to be charmed by the brilliant displays of gem stone quality fossil wood along with the petrified tree trunks in varied colors and textures.

Principal contributors to the petrified wood display include:

Kent and Jann Mower,Kip and Glenna Cotner, Briant and Edna Washburn and Pat Braun.

Some items from the college's collections are also on display.

The Fossilized Forest exhibit is in the upstairs gallery of the museum.

The displaye will be featured at the gallery for three months.

The CEU Prehistoric Museum is located at 155 East Main Street in downtown Price.

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