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Carbon County, Utah motorists pay lowest prices at gas pumps in nation

Despite increasing gasoline costs, Utah motorists are paying the lowest pump prices in the United States.

The latest fuel gauge report released by AAA Utah indicates that the average price for a gallon of regular self-serve gasoline in Utah is $2.08. The pump price is 25 cents higher than last year.

In Carbon County, local residents are paying an average of $2.09 per gallon.

Prices have increased across the nation during the last month.

The national average of a gallon of regular self-serve gasoline is currently $2.32. The price is 14 cents higher than last month and 55 cents higher than 2005.

The increase is partly explained by rise in the price of crude oil. Tax increases in several states have also pushed prices higher.

"The price of crude oil remained below $60 for most of November and December, but is now over $63," said Rolayne Fairclough, AAA Utah spokesperson. "The increase in prices is puzzling because of the higher than normal temperatures and the tapering off of demand due to upcoming scheduled refinery maintenance."

According to AAA Utah, the prices have increased throughout the Intermountain West.

Prices for regular self-serve in Idaho have jumped 5 cents to $2.13.

Montana's price has increased 4 cents to the current average of $2.18.

Wyoming experienced the smallest increase, 1 cent, for a new average of $2.15 a gallon.

The average price in Colorado is $2.30, a 12 cent increase from last month's survey.

Arizona's prices increased 8 cents for a new average of $2.30.

Nevada's price jumped 6 cents to the current average of $2.32.

California's price increased 7 cents from last month to the new average of $2.36.

All of the cities surveyed by AAA saw increased prices except one.

St. George motorists enjoyed a 3 cent drop in prices. The current average price in St. George is $2.16 for regular self-serve gasoline.

The average price in Vernal rose 4 cents to $2.11.

Moab motorists are paying a nickel at $2.23.

The average price in Provo is $2, a 7 cent increase from December survey.

Salt Lake City and Ogden motorists both saw average prices increase 10 cents.

The current average price in Salt Lake City is $2.02. The average price in Ogden is $2.03.

The current price in Logan is $2.09, a 13 cent increase from December.

"The end of the temporary measures that were adopted to ease fuel shortages after the hurricanes may be another reason for the increase in fuel prices," said Fairclough. "These temporary measures include the availability of oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve; relaxed environmental and shipping regulations; and shipments to the U.S. of gasoline and oil from emergency stockpiles held by foreign governments."

As prices continue to change, consumers can save money on fuel by shopping aggressively for the lowest price, concluded the AAA Utah representative.

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