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Off the Bench

Each week during the basketball season the Sun Advocate highlights two players from the Carbon High girls and boys basketball teams.

Jason Childs is a sophomore at Carbon High. He plays small forward on the basketball squad.

He is an avid golfer and is a high jumper on the track team. His favorite class is health.

If he is not playing basketball or golfing he enjoys just hanging with his friends.

Jason is a middle child with one younger brother and two older sisters.

He admires both Tiger Woods and Michael Jordon.

Carbon High Freshman Samantha Smith is active in four sports. Besides basketball, her interests are soccer, volleyball and softball.

She is a midfielder on the soccer team. She plays two positions in softball, catcher and second base.

She is eyeing UCLA as a prospective college after high school.

She loves science and hanging out with her friends. She says her older sisters are her heros.

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