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Rantings and Ravings

Guest contributor

I know I have touched on this subject before, but I am irritated and I have this space to vent, so I will.

This is to the people who feel that letting their dogs roam free in the neighborhood is okay.

The Monday after New Years, we were blessed with a morning snow storm. I went to take my dog out for a walk, but two dogs were running around. I know where they came from and the gate to their yard was open. I tried to chase them home but they were too smart for that; they were free and happy. I kept watching for the owner to lock them up, but never saw him. After an hour another neighborhood dog joined them. This one broke free from his yard and is a fairly regular escapee.

I got busy and decided to try to walk mine later. She is friendly and seems to get along with other dogs, but I don't want to have to deal with all the dogs with mine dutifully on a leash while I am in the neighborhood.

Several hours later those three dogs were back behind bars, so I grabbed my coat to try again. As I got ready to leave a fourth dog came running up the street. I gave up and let my husband take our dog out later that day.

Now having owned many dogs in my days, I know that all dogs can occasionally get loose and escape. But some people in our neighborhood are letting them go intentionally. You may think that we all love your dog. And that is probably a correct assumption when we get to choose the encounter we have with it.

I don't like your dogs muddy feet prints on the side of my car. I don't like your dog's poop in my yard, I have enough to clean up. I don't like my grandkids being knocked over by your dog when they go out to play in our yard.

I am sure this problem is not just in our neighborhood. I have had many people come up and tell me about their own dog encounters since the last time I wrote about dogs.

So to those who let their dogs run at will, here is some advice.

Take your dogs for a walk. Put them in the car and take them on a deserted road and let them walk behind your vehicle if walking is too hard for you. Hire someone to do it if you don't have time. Find a new home for them if any of this is too much trouble.

My dog ate the cable line into our house the other day when she felt her walk was too short. I should probably get my dog to teach your dogs that, just for good measure.And for those of you that don't have a dog to walk, check and see if you have an elderly neighbor who might need help with walking their dog.

It will all make for a better neighborhood.

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