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Letter to the Editor: Airport security



As announced last month to Congress by Transportation Security Administration chief Kip Hawley, you may soon be able to avoid long security lines at airports by paying a fee, submitting to a background check and providing some form of biometric identification such as a fingerprint, etc. This submission by you will allow you to keep your shoes and jacket on in the airport check in process, and allow screeners to "focus on other travelers". Other travelers meaning mostly innocent American citizens who choose not to be strong-armed out of their money and privacy by the government.

How long will it be before some greedy legislator convinces Congress that they can make some extra money by making participation in the program mandatory for all citizens wishing to travel by air?

Will this actually improve security? I think not. People with only monetary gains in mind have been counterfeiting our "state of the art" currency as soon as a new version of it hits the streets. What makes anyone think that a person intent on causing death and destruction will not beat this flimsy system?

We are no safer today than we were pre-9/11 no matter what the spin coming out of Washington tries to make us believe, and this program will do nothing to make us safer either.

What it will do, however, is give the government one more avenue of keeping American citizens under it's thumb, and unfortunately most people will sheepishly go right along with it

Furthermore, the program will still allow random pat downs of people registered in the program to "make sure terrorists do not try to beat the system". So, where is the value in joining this program when it becomes your turn for a random pat down? And when they discover that the program doesn't work, will you get your money back and have your personal information erased from their intrusive database?

If you think so, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale that you might be interested in.

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