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Letter to the Editor: Blessed the country we were



On the second of this month I was seventy one years old.

For most of these years I have lived in a society that really believed in freedom. Not just the freedom to believe in the party line or a speech when it agreed with the party line. The right to disagree has been a given concept until now.

It scares me to death that the present trend in our government will turn us into the kind of government we have always stood up against. Under the so called Patriot Act you are guilty until proven innocent.

The president said the other day it is okay to spy on citizens without a court order. A political air revolves around this administration that seems to me to have been borrowed from the Christian right that supports it the most.

"You are a sinner doomed to hell if you don't see things the way we tell you to see them".

The administration has created an air that would lead you to believe that if you disagree with them "You are anti-American leading the country to doom".

God surely blessed the country we were. I doubt that God will have anything to do with what we are becoming.

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