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Letter to the Editor: Defend right to free speech



In this era of political correctness it really bothers us that there are activists attacking everything that the U.S.A. stands for.

Our forefathers founded this country under God and freedom of speech. Now because of this political correctness you can't even wish or say Merry Christmas or say the pledge of allegiance to our flag and country in our class rooms any more. We now are taking under God off of all our money and taking the cross off of the highways where loved ones have met their fate.

What kind of message are we sending to our children and the rest of the world by removing these sacred emblems from our public view? This type of activity destroys our youths moral characteristics and values and ours. What about our rights and freedom of speech?

Are we going to stand by and let these people destroy what our country was founded on? Stand up and speak out, write letters and tell them all to stop destroying what our country stands for. We have the right to live with freedom of speech and we need to defend what our forefathers put into place.

It is very sad when they attack the symbol of respect for our country, fallen soldiers, peace officers that have given their lives for us, yes, for all of us. To defend our country which was founded under GOD.

Saying Happy Holiday instead of Merry Christmas, Christ is the reason we celebrate this time of year; it has been that way for thousands and thousands of years.

God bless you all.

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