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Rantings and Ravings

Guest contributor

I admit it, I watch a lot of TV in the evening. So it stands to reason that I also see a lot of commercials. The automotive industry promotes their trucks by convincing us how big and tough they are.

Commercial after commercial for trucks show them loaded up and bouncing through dirt roads, construction sites and other treacherous areas.

So why is it that many owners of these trucks seem afraid to drive them?

I am amused to see them inching over speed bumps and dips in the roads. I am not talking about slowing down like most drivers, but really easing their vehicle over fairly normal street hurdles.

Of course, the same thing applies for the SUV's. There is one that advertises that if you own one you will never be home because you can now go anywhere. The few that are around in our community seem to be driven to work and back. I don't think they ever leave the pavement.

The popularity of these vehicles seems to be waning a bit with the price of gas. I am not sure I like the looks of the "new" breed of SUV's. They are mostly a weird blend of SUV and mini-van.

How ironic after years of promoting that you were a nerd if you drove a mini-van instead of a SUV.

Car designs have also gotten boring. I just shake my head at the commercials that try to convince me that their new model is so unique that all other cars are blah. I really haven't seen anything in a moderately priced car that is different than all the others.

The retro stuff is kinda cool, but as soon as a model is available you see so many of them that it takes the uniqueness out of them as well.

I guess I need to get busy and sell a few paintings and become famous so I can look at the high end models of cars.

Until then, I will be content to drive my old Suburu and work on my CJ-5 jeep restoration project.

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