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Karate students compete in Fight Against Hunger Tournament

Karate students from Carbon county traveled to Salt Lake on Dec. 12 to compete in the Fight against Hunger Tournament at the University of Utah.

Before the tournament began, students trying to advance to black belt level took their test. In the tournament Cheylee Montgomery, Chuck Cummings, and Jessi Hansen took first in Kata, while Kaitlynn Robinette and Cummings took first in sparring.

Other finishers in Kata included Whitney Gagon (2nd), John Staley (4th), Jennifer Hansen (3rd), Harrison Torgerson (3rd), Dominic Gonzales (2nd), Austin Vigil (2nd), Angelica Kiahtipes (2nd) and Robinette (3rd).

In Sparring placers were Gagon (3rd), Staley (4th), Jennifer Hansen (3rd), Torgerson (3rd), Jessi Hansen (2nd), Gonzales (2nd) and Vigil (3rd).

Sensei's Mike Martinez, Kevin Jewkes and Chaylee Montgomery accompanied the students to the meet. They said they were pleased with the results.

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