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Letter to the Editor: Where is freedom?



I was hesitant at first to write to the local paper, but the more I thought about the injustice that occurred last month in my town, I felt the people should know.

Is our freedom to live as individuals being lost? How come your neighbor across the road dictate ones life.

Are you not allowed to play your music, or have a beer on your patio without neighbors hollering or threatening to call the police?

In late November a neighbor was trimming his and his widow mother's yard with a gas weed trimmer. Another neighbor woman came out and began hollering at him. She said he was throwing rocks across the road and the rocks were hitting her husband's truck that was parked on the public street. An argument started and the local police were called.

After the local police completed their investigation the man was arrested for being intoxicated (one beer) in his own home, being disorderly when the two police officers ordered the sister out of the home after she was called because the mother was about to have a heart attack. All the man said to the police officers was that his sister did not have to leave.

He was also charged with resisting arrest. His sister was given a ticket for being disorderly.

I believe that if the officers would have maintained a professional attitude the situation on that day would not have developed into absurdity.

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