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Letter to the Editor: Still love it here



It finally happened. I found somebody in Price was not interested in helping me. My wife and I moved to Price last year and built a house southeast of town. We were mildly surprised and delighted to find that everybody we dealt with was not only friendly but anxious to help us in every imaginable way. We dealt with the county building department, the heath department, the county highway department, construction workers, electricians, plumbers, etc. You name it, they were wonderful and our neighbors are more than wonderful.

After having been here for just about a year now, we had decided that just about everybody in Carbon County was more than willing to help people in need in just about any way necessary.

Today I found some that were not.

My wife occasionally needs a certain medical device and because of mitigating circumstances needs one that is unusual. In the past several years, she has needed the equipment twice and today she needed it again. I found to my chagrin that I could not rent one in Price. I contacted one company and was told that they would not rent it because of possible damage caused by my wife's condition.

Was I willing to pay for any possible damage to the chair? Absolutely. And was I willing to buy it if damaged? Positively, but that made no difference. I would also have signed a waiver agreeing not to sue if it failed but that made no difference.

Subsequently, I rented the equipment in Orem at the place where we rented it the last time. That company had no problem whatsoever with our situation and rented it to us without any reservations.

Wouldn't it be nice if I did not have to drive over Soldier Summit again to return it when we no longer need it.

But to let you know, we have not changed our minds about the people of Carbon County.

We still love it here.

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