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Re-engineering needed



Governor Huntsman, your honor, senators, legislators, congressman, highway planners, budgeters, other agencies and entities... I ask you how many lives have to be lost before you do the justified re-engineering and construction on Highway 6?

We lost more lives last weekend. A wonderful family, gone are a loving and respected teacher of our children, a loving dedicated and caring father, friend, and one of the most gracious persons I have ever known, and a child, who just got his first puppy. How many more have to be lost... what will it take? I'm not talking statistics... I'm talking lives, injuries, bodies maimed, families in distress, now an entire family lost.

I don't want to hear, driver error anymore. I don't want to hear, it's because of weather. I don't want to hear, probably heavy traffic. I don't want to hear, more patrols, I don't want more signage. Read my's the road.

Highway 6 is the only main corridor connecting east-west and north-south traffic in the state that has not been upgraded to a four lane divided highway. Less traveled and less dangerous roads in northern Utah have been updated a long time ago, I wonder why?

Dear governor, wouldn't you like to leave your office saying; "I fixed one of the most dangerous highways in the United States and the most dangerous highway in Utah on my watch?

You have more highway budget now, please, please, please put the monies required not to bandage, not to enforce, not to resign, but to do what is right and upgrade Highway 6 to four divided lanes.

Governor, please sit down with my living neighbor Sen. Mike Dmitrich, and please reexamine what he has been saying about Highway 6 for years. I also fear for his life, as he travels the death highway extensively.

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