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Rantings and Ravings

Guest contributor

Last week was a tough week for many in our community. We were faced with the tragic loss of an entire family.

There was also a very violent domestic violence incidence.

Both these events had an impact on me personally in very different ways. It brought to mind that the holiday season is a mix of good feelings and, for some, great sadness. For all the warm memories and good cheer we generate this time of year, there are many who this season brings some sadness for as well.

I do not want to bring down the mood of the season, but I hope we also are paying attention to those around us who may be struggling to get through the holidays. I know several individuals who are coping with memories of loved ones who have died. They tell me that this is a tough time of year.

As we approach the heart of the holiday season, let's put aside the petty issues of Christmas and other celebrations to reach out to our friends and neighbors.

I am not going to worry about who uses the term holiday or Christmas when I shop. I will not stress over the amount of presents that I need to buy. I will refuse to take issue about how early Christmas stuff is put in the stores. I have also resolved to quit pouting around about my own little perceived problems.

Thanks to everyone who has picked angels off the angel trees around the community. Thanks to everyone who has visited the nursing homes to add cheer and song to their day. Thanks to everyone who has taken a plate of cookies to their neighbor. Thanks to the kids who take a present to their teacher. Thanks to the volunteers who give of themselves everyday to take on tasks in our community.

Keep reaching out to others. Today there is someone who is sitting home feeling forgotten and alone.

I hope that this year, we find them and show them someone cares.

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