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The Wasatch Behind

Sun Advocate reporter

Twas the night before Christmas,

And all through the land,

The ACLU was suing,

Just as they planned.

Atheists were offended,

And appealed to the law,

Nativity scenes,

Simply stuck in their craw.

They claimed it was justice,

And best for us all,

To take baby Jesus,

From the lawn at city hall.

It's a matter of exclusion,

The lawyers proclaimed,

No Muslims, Hindus,

Or Wickens are named.

Christmas is Christian,

And that just won't do,

We must have a Druid,

Or a Buddha or two.

Or maybe its best,

To have nothing at all,

If we worship God,

Our nation might fall,

We must build a wall,

Between church and state,

If morality rules,

What will be our fate?

Now wait just a minute,

A wise old man said,

Our constitution is clear,

When the passage is read.

All men are free,

And welcome here too,

To worship the God,

Their faith points them to.

There's no state religion,

No baptism required,

No test of faith,

Or holy men hired.

Atheists too,

May follow their hearts,

And Witches and Shaman,

And Gothic upstarts.

Our freedom is able,

To cover us all,

Why must we fight,

When a few people bawl?

We're in this together,

So let's make a deal,

To be tolerant of each other,

And let hard feelings heal.

You worship whatever,

Your heart does desire,

Money, or self,

Or flames in the fire.

I'll simply stick,

To things I believe,

And honor baby Jesus,

On Christmas Eve.

Our birthright is freedom,

To believe as we do,

No offense is intended,

Merry Christmas to you.

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