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Perfect present for the man with all

Sun Advocate general manager

It's getting close to Christmas and I'll bet there are those women out there that haven't yet come up with the perfect gift for the man they love.

Finding the right gift is a tough thing to do; my wife always complains about it. Everything I really want is way too big and expensive, but if you have an extra million or two laying around I found a picture of what almost every man would want the other day.

It's called a Bugatti Veyron. No it isn't some type of new video game for that X-Box 360 you just bought the kids. And it isn't a bug zapper for around the patio this summer.

It's a car and oh what a car.

There are not many cars I would take over something like a 1939 Zephur or a 1969 GT 500 Shelby Mustang. But I might just not pass on this one if it were offered to me in lieu of those pieces of metal.

The Veyron is a very upscale Volkswagon. Yes, that's right, a Volkswagen.

No I didn't think of this while I was blitzed, nor do I have veinerschnitzel in my head. It's absolutely true.

A few years ago Volkswagen excutives purchased the name Buggatti from the family estate that owned it. Bugatti was a company that built some pretty cool cars (actually only a total of 8,000 of them) from the early years of the 20th century until just before World War II. They never got started again after the war, but the name remains legendary to those that know anything about European luxury sports cars.

After buying the name, Volkswagen engineers began to design a car that would fit it and make another VW product (Porsche) look like a little toy. At 12 times the price of most Porshe's that are on showroom floors today, I hope the guys who made The Thing are satisfied.

This new car, dubbed as the most expensive factory produced luxury sports car in the world, has 1,001 horsepower. I'm not sure why they didn't round it off at a 1000, but I guess it's one of those one-upsmanship things.

The 16 cylinder vehicle reportedly will do 252.9 miles per hour, making the drive from Green River to Price a less than 15 minute jaunt as long as Lee Barry doesn't nail you with his radar gun going through Wellington. And of course you'd have to pass all those slow cars that usually do only 95 along that stretch of road.

It also has a wing on the back to keep it on the ground. This isn't an illusion for looks like the small spoiler I have on the back of my late 1990's Mustang, but something that apparently is really needed to keep the car on the ground.

The car can do 0-62 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds. That's much better than the first car I drove regularly as a teenager, my dads 1959 Rambler which I timed in the quarter mile once.

It couldn't go 0-62 from dawn to dusk.

Probably the most interesting thing about this car is that even Volkswagen admits that most people who buy it will seldom, if ever, drive it. They consider it a piece of art and expect most individuals who have the money to spend on it will view it the same way.

Despite the fact that it actually does exist and that the car company plans to build about 50 of them a year (45 are already on order with the first one due out in January sometime) this car is more an idea than a vehicle. Of course the original idea of the car was that it would make VW money, but now they admit they might only build about 200 of them because it appears the cars won't be too profitable.

Figure that one out.

So the guys who buy one of these cars (or receive it as a Christmas present) should just plan on parking it in the garage and looking at it. And if you don't have a garage to park it in, I have a space in mine.

I'd be happy to help you out.

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