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Rantings and Ravings

Guest contributor

Boy, did winter arrive. We normally don't get this cold until January. It shouldn't be so cold without some snow to go with it. At least you can play in the snow.

Everything changes when it's bitter cold. Because the man who delivers my morning paper doesn't like to get cold either, he barely opens his car door to toss the paper towards my porch. I have to dash much farther to find it. I could put on slippers and a robe, but what would be the sport in that at 5:45 in the morning.

The dog walk is another adventure now. When I take my small granddaughter I bundle her up with about five layers of clothing. Putting gloves on a 22 month old is an anatomical challenge. Just when you get three of the five digits in place, she curls her hand and you start again. By the time I get her finished she could be one of the characters on South Park. Luckily I use a stroller for her, because she can't move anyway. I then wrap her in a blanket for extra precautions.

The other day even the dog couldn't wait to get home out of the cold. She bolted back in the house and positioned herself right on top of a heating vent.

The older granddaughter decided that grandma does know what she is talking about when I tell her to wear her heavy coat to the bus stop. After one day of refusing and wearing her light weightjacket, we no longer have that fight.

At the grocery store the baggers aren't as eager to help me carry my bags out to my car. I don't need the help so I am glad they are smart enough to stay inside and stay warm.

For those of you that own pets that stay outside, please give them extra blankets and pads. Also check on their water frequently as they can't drink frozen water. My dog who has destroyed three blankets and a dog bed has decided to leave her new one inside her dogloo. She has even drug back all the old blankets and rugs to build a little warm refuge.

Also check on family and neighbors who may have difficulty getting out in this cold. See if you can shop or run errands for them. The elderly, people with disabilities and those with really young babies may be trapped by the weather. The severe cold weather can be as difficult to deal with as a bad snow storm.

The cold weather actually is beneficial to our environment and we need a few good cold snaps to keep things in balance. So think warm thoughts and this too shall pass.

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