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Canyon accident claims three lives

Sun Advocate reporter

Flames engulf a 1999 Toyota reportedly involved in a fatal accident on U.S. Highway 6 near Soldier Summit. The SUV reportedly crossed the center line and colllided with a Chevrolet pickup at approximately 3:48 p.m. on Sunday. The accident claimed the liives of three Price residents.

A fatal collision on U.S. Highway 6 claimed the lives of three Price residents Sunday.

The incident occurred at 3:48 p.m. on Dec. 11 near milepost 211 on U.S. Highway 6, approximately one mile east of Soldier Summit.

Witnesses reported that the driver of a red 1999 Toyota sports utility vehicle traveling east toward Price allegedly crossed the center line.

The Toyota was apparently not attempting to pass another vehicle when the collision occurred.

Sgt. David Bennion of the Utah Highway Patrol explained that it is still unknown whether the driver of the sports utility vehicle was distracted, fell asleep or was otherwise impaired.

The section of the highway where the accident occurred is a two-lane portion of U.S. 6. For eastbound traffic, the direction the SUV was headed, passing is permitted.

The second vehicle involved in the fatal collision was a 2003 Chevrolet pickup truck.

Witnesses reported that the driver of the pickup pulled well onto the shoulder to avoid the collision, indicated Bennion.

After reportedly attempting to avoid a collision, three individuals riding in a Chevrolet pickup were taken to Castleview Hospital to be treated for injuries sustained in the crash. Three individuals in an SUV involved in the collision were killed in the impact after their vehicle erupted in flames.

However, the SUV and pickup collided, sending the Toyota into the air.

Law enforcement investigators said the vehicle was almost instantly engulfed in flames, even before the Toyota landed on the road.

The three occupants of the SUV were killed in the crash. The driver was identified as Kimball Childs, age 46.

The two passengers traveling inside the Toyota were Juanita Childs, age 46, and Mason Childs, age 8.

The three occupants of the Chevrolet pickup truck purportedly suffered injuries in the accident and were taken to Castleview Hospital in Price. for medical treatment

The driver suffered fractures to her leg and ankle. The two passengers riding in the pickup were released after treatment for minor injuries, reported Bennion.

While many news outlets almost immediately noted the dangers of Highway 6, Bennion pointed out that the highway did not play a significant factor in the collision.

"This was driver error. It was not necessarily the highway," he said.

The highway was closed in both directions for more than three hours and reopened before 7:30 on Sunday evening.

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