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Price goalballers head to Florida for championship

Three Carbon High students represented Utah in the National Youth Goalball Championships. From Oct. 20 to Oct. 26, three students from Carbon High, Cathy Morgan, Chris Morgan and Stephen Shaffer, went to Florida to participate in a national youth goalball tournament.

Goalball is a sport for those who are blind and visually impaired. Each team consists of three players. A ball with bells is rolled down a court toward the opposing team who tries to block the ball with their bodies before it crosses the goal line. The tournament included a boys' division and a girls' division.

The Utah girls team including Morgan took their first ever first place finish in any girls' national tournament. Morgan along with four other girls from all over the state went unbeaten in the tournament, tying one game and winning the rest.

The gold medal game was a nail biter; it was a very intense, close game. In the end however, our Utah ladies won the game 6-4. "I think we could do better next year even though we took first this year," says Morgan.

The boys, including Morgan and Shaffer finished sixth. "We could have played better, we played kind of sloppy," said Morgan.

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