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Rantings and Ravings

Sun Advocate reporter

I was given a gift a few months ago. It wasn't what I wanted and I have had to really adjust my life to accept it. But it has truly been a gift.

What I am referring to is the chance to see life through the eyes of kids again. I forgot how different that can be. To hear squeals of delight about things we take for granted brings a great prospective back to life.

My five year old granddaughter is really aware of her world. She is exploring Price as she gets to know the area. Of course the museum has been a great source of wonderment for her. We have been there six times in the three months she has been here. She studies different exhibits each time we go. She has become at peace with the mammoth that used to scare her.

She has been amazed with picking tomatoes and grapes off their vines and finding out they taste just like they do from the store.

Phoenix, where she comes from, doesn't have a lot of seasons, so she is learning about weather here. She watches the weather with me every night and is thrilled when she sees the little sunshine icons for the next few days. She has been here when it snowed before and is eagerly waiting for the first snow fall. She can't quite figure out how it can be cold when the sun shines though. She loves full moons and has learned to check the calendar to see when they are coming.

Her little sister and the dog get so excited when it is time to go for a walk in the morning that you would think we just won the lottery each day. To me it is a pleasant chore that has to be done. To them it is a dance of delight.

Because we are potty training the youngest, each time she goes becomes a great celebration. If I am busy when she goes she will follow me around with her pants around her ankles saying "good girl" repeatedly until I acknowledge her success.

I do miss some aspects of being an empty nester. Things like coming and going whenever I wanted. But in the end, I am enjoying the time I have committed to my grandkids.

Who knew that watching the popcorn bag expand in the microwave as it pops could make you laugh so hard.

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