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Letter to the Editor: Persecuted minorities

Salt Lake City


As we consider the riots in France, let me tell you about an event I attended this evening. It was held at the old city building on 25th and Washington Boulevard in Ogden. It was organized by a lady we call "Happy", whose name is Shannon Gorder.

Most of the three dozen, or so, participants were dressed in black, many with their faces painted black. A large pile of pumpkins had been prepared with pictures of members of the U.S. Government pasted on them. Then, the pumpkins were smashed one by one with various weapons. The weapons looked like something out of "Lord of the Rings."

There were huge sledge hammers, machetes, swords and awesome battle-axes. I was told one of the hammers was named "Truth" and another was "Justice." I felt like Gimli, the Dwarf, in the Council Scene from "Lord of the Rings" as he raised his battle-ax in an attempt to destroy the ring of power. Unlike Gimli, I was successful. My battle-ax shattered my pumpkin-official, and the crowd cheered. One after another, the pumpkins were arranged and smashed by enthusiastic young Americans.

Unlike the persecuted minorities in France, these persecuted Americans were not violent. Peacefully, they released their pent-up frustrations on pumpkin effigies. However, in spite of their small numbers, America should take their message seriously. America does have persecuted minorities. They feel the pain.

With our marriage-control, drug-control, gun-control and other life-style controls, such as gambling laws, we have created persecuted minorities whose cries should be heard.

What happened to the American dream in which everyone is born equal and the only purpose of government is to protect each individual's inalienable rights, including the right to choose any pursuit of happiness that does not harm others? What happened to the America where the job of the police was to protect you from others, not yourself? Why are we spending tens of billions of dollars and keeping over a million Americans in prison, away from their families just because they chose marijuana, instead of tobacco or alcohol? Why can't we get the message from a few smashed pumpkins?

America's true National Treasure is on the front of the Declaration of Independence. It's written in plain English.

Have you read it lately?

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