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BLM Releases Fire Plan for Public Review

The Moab Fire District of the Bureau of Land Management has prepared an environmental assessment (EA) to analyze potential impacts associated with a normal year fire stabilization and rehabilitation plan (NFRP) to guide post-wildland fire management actions on public lands throughout the Moab, Monticello and Price field offices.

During a normal fire year the Moab Fire District averages one hundred wildfires resulting in 10,000 to 16,000 acres each year of disturbed and potentially damaged land. A programmatic NFRP would streamline emergency stabilization and rehabilitation (ES&R) procedures and enable timely on-the-ground treatments.

Although the final decision regarding implementation of ES&R actions rests with the field office manager, an NFRP can save time and decrease costs by reducing the repetitive preparation of stabilization and rehabilitation plans for individual fires.

Also, potential impacts from recommended ES&R measures are assessed during the development of the NFRP, which saves valuable time in implementing management actions to protect the health and safety of the public while preventing resource degradation and restoring ecosystem health.

The BLM collaborated with interested parties as well as federal, state and county agencies in putting together the proposed action for this valuable plan. The interested public is encouraged to comment on the final NFRP through Dec. 22 and a copy of the EA will be available in the Moab, Monticello and Price field offices.

Those who wish to withhold name or street address from public review or from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act must state this prominently at the beginning of written comments. Such requests will be honored to the extent allowed by law.

All submissions from organizations or businesses and from individuals identifying themselves as representatives or officials of organizations or businesses, will be made available for public inspection in their entirety.

Questions or comments regarding the NFRP can be emailed to, or mailed to the attention of Kate Juenger, Bureau of Land Management, Moab/Price/Monticello Field Office, 82 East Dogwood, Moab, UT 84523. For more information contact Brian Keating, ES&R Coordinator, at 435-259-2194 or Kate Juenger, Planning Coordinator, at 435-259-2195.

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