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Letter to the Editor: a Great Service



With Harriet Miers' withdrawal from her nomination to the Supreme Court, she did this country a great service. We will not have to live by any rulings made by a person who is self-admittedly not qualified to serve on the highest court in our land.

Her withdrawal, under scrutiny, tells me that the only person in this country that thought she was qualified was George W. Bush. How many more dangerous paths does this guy have to lead us down before we wake up and smell the proverbial roses?

Unfortunately, the Democrats have no one to parade before us that will do much better than this misguided administration.

Maybe it's time for us, as citizens, to wake up and consider our future by voting for someone other than the crooks and paid puppets of both major parties.

Consider the fact there are other political parties out there. For instance: Constitution Party, Libertarian Party, Green Party, etc. They all have websites. Get on your computer and search them out and find out your options before it's too late.

If we keep the same idiots in office, we can expect the same results!

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