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Letter to the Editor: a Sorry Lot



Trouble in Washington always brings senators and other government officials rushing to the news programs with concern about the problems. Then it begins with their favorite expression, "The American People."

Yet in the course of usual government business there would not seem to be any concern for "The American People" in their deliberations. This expression reaches biblical proportions with their concern.

Where was the worry and concern for "The American People" when it came to the current affair. The ongoing war, wrapped in a cloak of patriotism to promote and dissuade dissent. Where were "The America people" when our elected leaders did not consider "The American People" with great losses of sons, daughters, fathers and mothers and families.

What about the people with storm losses; thirst, hunger, jobs possession, sickness, death.

What about the continued attachment of riders to new legislation benefiting (special/friends, businesses, etc.) busting the budget.

The whole bunch is a sorry lot. We could do with less concern for "The American People."

We all should be concerned about "American Legislators" and their friends.

We have a sorry government.

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