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Letter to the Editor: Globalists lead UN



A clean reminder that the globalist and their United Nations are taking us as far away as possible from the best governing idea - that idea being that government is best that is closet to the people.

Our country achieved "good government" - government as the instrument of freedom and security - during the time when honoring the oath of office meant being governed by the letter and spirit of the Constitution, proving that constitutional discipline leads to freedom while liberalism, the way of the globalist, leads to chaos and tyranny.

The UN began after two world wars were fought. These wars unveiled the dream of the globalists - to have centralized control of the world. The globalists push us to pursue an idea that can move forward only by the use of the military.

Ramifications of globalist actions teach us that the old world order is being dismantled with grave consequences. In our case, to make it short, the globalists have managed to turn our vote into a hopeless political affliction and our Republic into a tyranny.

What benefit can there be in the Globlist agenda to justify this?

It's time the globlists give us acceptable reasons for their movement because people have a limited tolerance for being made to follow the military into the unknown.

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