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Rantings and Ravings

Guest contributor

I got a new carpet shampooer the other day. It was a bit different than my old one so I decided to read the directions.

Okay not all the directions, just enough to get me started. Anyway there was a warning in the document about not using the shampooer to clean up gasoline spills.

Is it just me or are the warnings that come with products getting a bit weird?

When we got a new stove we were warned not to store gas or flammable material in it. I would have never thought about storing gas in the oven. I'm also thinking that someone who would store their gasoline in their oven probable doesn't read the instruction books that come with the appliances either.

I went to get a child gate for the stairs leading to my basement. All the gates I looked at had a warning that said that the gates should not be used at the top of the stairs. I didn't need a gate for the bottom of the stairs so we put one up at the top anyway.

If you buy the cardboard heat deflectors to put in your car windshield in the summer, they come with a warning to tell you not to drive with them in place.

And of course we now have to have warnings on our coffee cups we get from fast food restaurants reminding us that coffee is hot.

What happened to common sense? Have we given up all of it to the legal system? No one should have to risk injury from using defective products or having the wrong expectation about what a product can do. I just feel it is sad that we have gotten so far out of whack that the list of warnings for products has to be so obvious.

I guess I will continue to be amused and a bit saddened as I read directions on new products I continue to buy.

And I will never store gasoline in my oven, no matter what.

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