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Buck shot illegally

On Sunday afternoon of October 30, 2005 a buck deer was killed on the Soldier Summit Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit (CWMU) in Utah County.

The deer was on a hillside in Spring Canyon, approximately 50 yards from State Road 96, which is the highway running between U.S. Highway 6 with Scofield Reservoir. The deer appears to have been shot from the highway, dragged down the hill and loaded into a vehicle.

The CWMU operator had watched a large buck breeding several for several days and in the immediate area that afternoon.

Later on, drag marks and a blood trail were all that were left. The general season deer hunt for the southeast region had closed four days earlier on October 26.

Anyone with information about this illegal harvest should contact Conservation Officer Stacey Jones at 435-820-6445 or call the HSP hotline at 1-800-662-DEER.

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