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Letter to the Editor: Make intentions public



Military Retirees now have 227 cosponsors for HR 602, the "Keep Our Promise" Bill. This is enough Congressional votes to pass it. What we need now is someone to pull it out of Committee and place it before the full House for a vote. Unfortunately, it appears as that isn't going to happen without some kind of a miracle. Does anyone out there know a member of Congress well enough to convince him/her to do this for us?

Personally, I believe that most of those 227 cosponsors only did so to prevent losing our future vote. What we need to do is get everyone on board - military retirees, spouses, family members, sympathizers, etc., and show a profound disgust with all of them by not voting for any incumbent in 2006, and we need to let them know we are going to do this now. With the apathy American voters have been showing in recent years, our banding together could force this issue.

As the Google website has shown, military retirees are constantly being shown as the primary drain on the Congressional budget. The more people view this diatribe, the more we lose valuable support from them. Therefore, we need to take immediate action.

We need to make our intentions public, state by state, in every accessible forum.

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