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Letter to the Editor: We must do better

Seattle, Wash.


Not only did we have no plan after invading and defeating Iraq, we had no plan to care for our injured veterans once they returned.

In July we were $1 billion short to take care of this problem and only a short time later it was found that we were actually $2.6 billion off the mark.

Representative Christopher Smith (R-N.J.), the chairman of the Veteran Affairs Committee tried to increase funding for veterans in 2004 and was promptly fired by the house leadership.

The Republicans control the house, the senate and the presidency. Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash) has tried to increase funding for veterans four times in 2005, yet it has been defeated each time.

This is a crime, sending our soldiers to war and not providing for their care when they return.

Rick Santorum (R-Pa) could only muster a weak "it was a mistake, we'll do better next time" after the measure was defeated.

Well I think we made a mistake in the 2004 election and we must do better in 2006.

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