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Rantings and Ravings

Guest contributor

Well, the Primary Election is over and very few of you voted. Because of that my vote counted for at least 20 other people. I chose to vote for 20 people who don't agree with my choices.

Many of you are not even aware that my one vote counted for the votes you didn't cast. I don't understand how people readily give up their power to make choices to others so easily.

Life is about choices. The most content people I know are the ones who feel like they have full control over their lives. The most miserable people seem to think they have none. Each day we are making choices about our lives whether we think we are or not. We begin by choosing to get up out of bed. When things are not going the way we want, often it becomes easy to say we have no choice in making a change.

When you are unhappy on the job you can always quit. Most of us though feel trapped. Not because we have no choices, but we may not feel the alternative is an acceptable choice. If you quit your job, then you won't have any income. There are certainly times that the choices we make feel like the only ones we can make. I make those types of choices all the time.

I have come to the understanding that even those types of decisions have alternatives. Whether I choose to look at those alternatives is also my choice. I do not feel trapped in any of my decisions. I have also surrounded myself with people who help me see all sides of important decisions without trying to make the choices for me.

So it was very disappointing to see the lack of effort our community made this past Election Day. I hope we will see a few more in November. If not I will again vote for those of you who don't vote.

I hope you disagree with my choices so maybe you will make your own choice next year.

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