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Guest Editorial: Fire department well trained

East Carbon


In regards to comments and rumors mentioned in the Sun Advocate (10-13-05) and in prior city meetings, I would like to put an end to the rumors.

We are a small understaffed all volunteer fire department and the only way we can make things any better is with the support and involvement of the community as a whole.

As to the "State Fire Officials" mentioned whom stated that "East Carbon Fire Members had only shown up to training one time," I would like their names so I can personally ask them which time are they talking about.

Would that be the training we took in East Carbon City, Wellington, Price, Park City, St. George, or Elmo? Which one is the one that counts? They all took a lot of our time.

Just off the top of my head out of our eight current members the current levels of training completed at this point include two people at the first responder training, one member at basic EMT, three at Haz-Mat Awareness, two at Haz-Mat Operations, five at Wildland Firefighting, five at the Firefighter one course, three at Firefighter, two at Firefighter Survival, one at LAR Opps, one at Fire Service Instructor, one at Fire Service Opps & Command, three at Training Tower Operator, and four at the Pyrotechnics Operator class. Besides this, I'm sure I am missing a couple of items on my list.

That being said I would like to invite any citizen of East Carbon City desiring to make changes in our Fire Department to step up and sign on as a firefighter, because if you have what it takes we would love to have you. It takes dedication and commitment and your city needs you.

Myself, due to loss of local employment, along with several other members of our department whom have had to step down, will regretably be moving out of this fine city. More regretably I will be turning in my fire gear as well,

There will be a new training officer and he has the knowledge and dedication to do the job right.

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