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Guest Editorial: Bill needs co-sponsor



The minimum wage in Mexico is $3.85 daily; Maquiladora factory workers earn $6 daily.

American dollars from "menial labor" exchange into college trained professional salaries in pesos. The $20 billion sent home to Mexico this year is Mexico's largest source of foreign income.

Unscrupulous American bosses hire illegals "off books" and save $35 Billion yearly in unpaid payroll taxes plus savings from cheaper wages.

Americans are fired/not hired in favor of illegals yet must pay a $100 billion in taxes for social services for illegal immigrants. Incarceration alone this year will cost over $35 billion for the 30 percent of the prison population here illegally. American victims must pay their own funeral, medical, etc., victimization bills.

ICE has paid mere lip service to enforcing employer sanctions of the 1986 amnesty. Representative Sue Myrick (of North Carolina) has a bill to up sanctions against illegal hiring from $250 per incident to $10,000 per incident with local law enforcement getting a percentage. Utah's representatives need to co-sponsor this valuable bill addressing a critical need.

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