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Sun Advocate general manager

Give these kids on the Carbon High football team credit.

In fact give credit to all those that have played at Carbon for the last four years. Wins have been few and far between, but still they persevered and that is the true sign of champions.

I know about this because I wasn't like that when I was 16 or 17 years old. I played for a Murray High School football team for half a season in the late 1960's. We had a similar record to what the Carbon team now has, in fact I can't remember a victory although my old yearbook says there was one. Must have come after I quit the team.

These young men, and their coaches who have stuck it through deserve our respect. Sure, they may not have always executed properly on the field and there may have been some problems in the locker room at times as well.

But nonetheless it is a lot harder to stay with a team that is losing than one that is winning. It shows true character.

Win or lose on Wednesday, they finished and that says all there is to say.

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