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Candidates for Helper City council seats

Dean Armstrong

I'm Dean Armstrong, and I live in Helper with my wife, Stacey (Jewkes) and two sons, Tristan (6 yrs) and Noah (4 yrs).

My wife, Stacey, is from Kenilworth. I am originally from the Midwest, born and raised on the upper Mississippi River in Rock Island, Illinois.

I first visited Utah 25 years ago while earning my degree in geology at Northwestern University. Twenty years ago, I moved to Utah to run a business. Ultimately, I became a professional geologist and have worked as a consultant in that field ever since.

Stacey and I are strong supporters of the Helper community. We are regular patrons of Helper's markets, pharmacy, hardware store, bowling alley, restaurants, and gas stations. Our sons Tristan and Noah both attend school in Helper.

My professional career as a consultant to the federal government takes me across the country coordinating teams of people to solve complex problems with tight budgetary constraints. I think these skills will be useful to the people of Helper.

I want to solidify our economic base and make sure that whenever we spend a dollar, we get more than a dollar in value back. I want to access state and federal programs that can inject life and revenue into our community by bringing vacant or unproductive land in and around Helper back into productive use and I have identified federal programs designed to do just that.

I plan to use my problem solving experience to develop a plan for the rejuvenation of our economy, the rebuilding our city's revenue stream, and the beautification of our community. To do this, I plan to meet with Helper's business leaders to better understand their points of view. I also plan to regularly meet with Helper's administrative, operations, public safety, legal, judicial and educational leaders to better understand their specific needs and the obstacles they face.

While we know Helper is a great place to live, we still need to look outside our community to discover those things that will bring others into it. We need to welcome people and businesses into our community with open arms.

I am committed to working with all of our elected and appointed city, county, and state officials. I do not believe in a "winners take all" approach. No one has a monopoly on good ideas. The things that got us here today will not get us where we need to go tomorrow. I can bring a fresh voice and a new vision for Helper.

I believe in Helper and I am proud to live in Helper. This is why I am running for Helper City Council.

John Jones

I'm John Jones, a candidate for Helper City Council.

I was raised in Carbon County. I started my first job at the Woodsman Restaurant when I was 13. At 15 my dad bought a trailer park and needed my help there. By the end of my fifteenth year, I had started my first business, Handy Hands Ceramics. I was the first student at Carbon High to have work study at his own business. I graduated from Carbon High in 1982 and married my high school sweetheart Deborah Schade from Elmo. Looking back over the past 23 years, I believe this to have been my greatest achievement. That was the same year I received my real estate license and went to work as an agent for Carbon Emery E.R.A. not so much for the job but for the experience.

Shortly thereafter I had 19 rental properties of my own. In 1986 we built the Canyon Corner Restaurant in Huntington and continued with our real state business. In 1989 we opened John's Used Appliances in Elmo. The appliances from that shop were sold in Deseret Industries and pawn shops throughout the southern end of the state. In about 1990 we started buying properties in Helper, and in 1998 we moved to Helper. In 2001 we opened the Square Deal Used Appliance store and ran it tell I was injured in 2004.

I have three children, two by birth. Randy, our son, is attending CEU to become a welder. Amber, our daughter, graduated Utah State in May in finance and business. And Jeremy Hanson, our son-in-law is attending Utah State working on his masters degree in civil engineering.

I served on the Cleveland /Elmo volunteer fire department for 10 years.

I promoted the Helper Arts Festival from 2001 through 2005 and believe through the efforts of our committee it has tripled in size.

I believe that our children are our future. This is why I am on the Helper swimming pool committee. I would like to see our parks upgraded with new playground equipment. I believe this would move young families to Helper, and by doing so, would promote a strong future for our schools.

I believe economic development is the key to Helper's future. Promoting our downtown area would bring jobs and sales tax revenue to our community.

I believe we need more programs for senior citizens in Helper.

I believe that setting goals is the road map to success.

I believe in community support and fundraising where possible.

As you can see I am not afraid of work. Even though this is not a list of all of my accomplishments, it will give you an idea of my background in business.

Your ideas are important to me; they may be the missing key to Helper's future. Please feel free to call me.

I ask for your vote on Nov. 8.

Gene Carlson

I have been a resident of Helper City for 40 years.

We live in a community where there are many retired families on fixed incomes. I would like to see water rates rolled back to where people can afford to bring their lawns and surroundings back to where they used to be.

We are judged by what our community looks like. First impressions are so important. People coming to or passing through our community judge us by what they see. I think we need to look at our tax base and see what funds are available to do things before we start bonding the city, leaving our citizens with years of debt to pay.

I am in favor of doing all that we can do for our people and every citizen in Helper as long as there are resources to do so. I have had experience in handling large budgets. In my employment I've never had an over run.

I think we need to look at all city budgets to see if there is anything that can be done to run more efficiently. We need to pay our employees a living wage. They are the ones who keep our city running smoothly.

If elected I will do my best to work for you.

Jeremy Lamph

My name is Jeremy Lamph and I am running for Helper City Council. I have lived in Helper for most of my life.

As a child I attended Sally Mauro Elementary and Helper Jr. High. I love Helper and I will do whatever I can to make it the best city in the state. My family has lived in Helper for many years. My grandfather Glen James, and his father both retired from the Rio Grande Railroad. My father Randy, was employed by the railroad, and currently works for Utah Power and Light. My mom Cathy, has been employed by the Carbon School District for 22 years.

For the past three years I have been employed by the Carbon County Sheriffs Office. I wanted to continue my life in Helper and have purchased a home on Helper's historic Main Street. I'm sure my children will talk of Helper with the pride as I have been able too. Helper is one of the states most treasured spots and will continue to be with the proper leadership.

By electing me to the Helper City Council, you will be ensuring the decisions made will be made by a Helper native and in the best interest for Helper and its resident's.

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