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Candidates for Price City council seats for a two year term

Jeff Nielson

Born and raised in Carbon County, Jeff Nielson, feels strong dedication to this community and the people living here.

Jeff's parents, Don and Peggy Nielson, raised him on a cattle farm in Spring Glen. Hauling hay and chasing cows quickly taught him the value of hard work and determination. That strong work ethic encompassed other areas of his life also.

Jeff graduated from Carbon High School and was also named athlete of the year. After playing baseball at the College of Eastern Utah and receiving his general education, Jeff attended the University of Utah. He graduated with a bachelor of science degree with an emphasis in speech communications and business management.

Jeff married another native of Carbon County, Amber Davis. She works one day a week as a registered nurse at Castleview Hospital Women's Center. Jeff and Amber have four sons, Ryan, Easton, Jacob and Gregory.

Not only does Jeff have strong roots in the community but he also has an extensive business background, both of which will help him make good decisions for the community as a city council member. Some of his business experience has come from the jobs that Jeff has held including being the current owner of Eastern Utah Produce, current owner of Field of Dreams Sod Farm, general manager of Airport Inn and Suites, sales representative for Wells Lamont and Pitney Bowes, Landscape contractor/owner of landscaping business and financial advisor/stock broker.

Jeff would like the opportunity to serve the community he grew up in and where he is raising his family.

Give Jeff Nielson the chance to make a difference as a member of the Price City Council.

Ed Shook

My name is Ed Shook and I am asking for your vote for the two year Price City Council seat.

I moved to Price in 1972 and have resided here for the last 33 years. Although I was not born in Carbon County, I have chosen to remain here because of the natural beauty that surrounds Price and the friendly nature of it's citizens.

I worked for Price City for 22 years, 14 of which I served as second in command of the Price City Police Department. I served two one year terms as commander of the Carbon Metro Drug Task Force and was completely in charge of the department for three months while our chief was attending the FBI academy in Virginia. I have had numerous formal training classes in budget, personnel management, internal investigations and I am a graduate of the Peace Officers Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) mid level management program. I was the P.O.S.T. training officer for region 7 (Carbon and Emery Counties) for eight years and as such was responsible for P.O.S.T. sponsored training of all city and county officers.

During my time with Price City I had many opportunities to interface with city employees and the council. I personally know all of the supervisors of the various departments and many of the other employees. This experience has given me insight into many of the problems the city faces and also a realistic view of possible solutions.

I view Price City as the leading political body in Carbon County. We have roughly 43 percent of the population and 42 percent of the voters. I am for the citizens of Price first.

We also provide the lions share of shopping and entertainment and provide the services to support this. We in Price have an obligation to work closely with the other municipal governments and the county commission on projects of mutual benefit but only on a level playing field. I am opposed to any creation of new taxing bodies such as new service districts that are not absolutely needed.

I believe in growth with responsible planning and control. I believe in working closley with local entrepreneurs first. I believe we should proactively solicit outside the local area for light, clean manufacturing businesses to relocate in Price.

I believe we should work with the Chamber of Commerce, realtors, and local business organizations to develop long term goals and development plans.

I believe we should support and assist our college with their efforts to expand and develop their programs. I believe we need to protect and preserve our city assets and retain control of all our public services.

Price City is a great place to live. We have a great park system, a wave pool, skate park and baseball diamonds. There are plenty of activities such as the Culture Connection and Castle Country Players. We are home to the College of Eastern Utah and we have the only major hospital in southeastern Utah.

I am asking for your vote on Nov. 8.

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