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Mayoral candidates for East Carbon

Dale Andrews

I am incumbent Dale Andrews running for East Carbon Mayor for a second term. I was raised in Sunnyside and have lived in East Carbon for over 30 years. It is my home and will always be home. My main interest in city government is to do my best to keep our city a safe, affordable, friendly and hopefully happy place for our citizens to reside.

I give to the community knowledge and experience. I served on the city council for two years, 1980-1982. Then I was elected mayor for the next four years. During this time the city saw many new improvements. The water treatment plant was built. Before this time, our drinking water was untreated. Then came the Whitmore Square Apartment Complex and the new post office. The city maintenance shop was built. The old city hall was renovated and our 1982 fire truck was purchased, all with grant money - "free money".

I left city government for the next few years. Because of my past experience as Mayor, in May of 2000 I was asked to fill the vacancy left by Mayor Paul Clark. In 2002 I ran and was elected mayor.

During my past six years as mayor, the city council and I have increased our water storage capacity by 500,000 gallons in the new tank and another 500,000 gallons in our refurbished underground tank. I acquired $180,000 at 2.5 percent interest and $265,000 in grant money to pay for these projects.

We have created the East Carbon Justice Court allowing us to keep fines within the city and hold court here rather than traveling to Price.

We have secured funding amounting to $500,000 at zero percent interest and $680,000 grant money to make the state mandated sewer lagoon improvements.

I was instrumental in the Hunt Oil/State land exchange that opens up the Cold Spring area to public use.

I am on the Carbon County OHV Committee to bring the OHV trail through Carbon County via Nine Mile, Cottonwood and Dry canyons, over Bruin Point and down Sunnyside Canyon and through Sunnyside and East Carbon City. Hopefully this will bring us new revenues.

Great improvements have been made to the archery and gun ranges and the Columbia Park.

The council has adopted an Abandonded/Hazzardous Building Ordinance that enables the city to take the appropriate legal steps to rid the city of unsafe, abandoned buildings that are hazardous to our residents. All this takes time and due process of law.

As to future projects: my first priority is to get our city financially sound without causing a hardship on our citizens.

I have a good relationship with county and state officials who can help us with our needs. These relationships don't come over night. I would like to see the city through these hard times.

Orlando LaFontaine

While not a local native of East Carbon City, I have lived here for five years. I am a property owner and businessman. I currently am working on the renovation of the former Dragerton Department Store.

I was raised and educated in New York.

My aim is to bring businesses back into our community. I believe there is a future for the City of East Carbon and sometimes change is the answer.

I have specific goals, which include involving the residents, listening to the views and the opinion of others, cleaning up our city and being a fall time mayor. I realize this requires commitment and I am willing to do my best to fulfill these obligations.

There are some critical problems ahead of us, particularly in the economic development areas. I would support the Range Creek water development project. This is essential for our future.

I will represent each and every resident in an honest and dependable manner. We need to make our city attractive and jobs available. It is my desire as mayor to see these concerns be a top priority of the administration.

I love East Carbon City and will do my best to represent it.

I need your support.

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