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Addition at hospital loses electrical power due to damaged transmission line

Price city work crews prepare a trench to install a replacement power line to Castleview Hospital. At about 6 p.m. on Monday, a heavy equipment operator reportedly dropped the tooth of a bulldozer to start excavation along U.S. 6 for Carbon-Emery Telcom's fiber optic line running from Price to Helper.

In the process, the bulldozer operator accidently snagged a city power line put in two years ago that supplies electricity to the new addition at the hospital. The heavy equipment operator did not realize what happened and, before anyone noticed it, 1,200 feet of cable was stretched and ripped up.

The new addition at Castleview lost power, but the rest of the hospital continued to function as normal with electricity supplied by Utah Power & Light. Apparently, blue stakes had been called onto the construction site before the excavation work began, but somehow the transmission line was not marked.

Price city officials hoped to have the power line damage repaired and have electricity restored to the hospital addition by late Wednesday.

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