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Letter to the Editor: Team showed caring spirit



We would like to take this opportunity to let our community know about the spirit and caring action of our Carbon High girls volleyball team lead by their coaches, Coach Bean, Coach Carlsen and Coach Herrick.

We have been traveling with them as well as attending home games this year.

Last Thursday the Carbon High volleyball team was scheduled to travel to Delta. They had been told that one of the Delta sophomore players had been in a car accident on Sunday and on Monday her family had opted to discontinue life support and she passed away. Coach Bean called Delta to ask if they wanted to reschedule. They wanted to play as scheduled.

As we left Price Coach Bean stopped at the store and purchased two dozen yellow roses. Not knowing how they would present the flowers, Coach Bean talked with the Delta Coach and arrangements were made to have Danielle Meinhardt's (the girl who passed away) father at the school gym after the sophomore game. At this time the Carbon girls followed by their coaches came out of the locker room and across the gym each carrying a single yellow rose. They went up the bleachers in single file to where Mr. Meinhardt was sitting.

Emotions were high and there was not a dry eye in the gym. We had the Delta parents come up to us and say, "These girls and their coaches are to be commended for their caring and actions."

The coaches and players on the Carbon team are dedicated, hard working, hard playing and also obviously have caring spirits.

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