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Carbon downed by pesky Rabbits 43-0

General manager

Tanner Herrick (2) on the bottom and West Hunsaker (32) on the top take down Delta's McKay Christensen during the first half of the game at the Dinos stadium on Friday night. Carbon defense held Delta to only 7 points in the first half of the game.

As New Orleans was fighting their own battle against levies that were about to collapse on Friday night, the Carbon Dinos were also fighting their own against the Delta Rabbits who had breezed into town with a 2-2 record.

And just like New Orleans, in the first half of the storm that descended upon the Dinos, they were able to almost hold their own with only a little water flowing over the top of the levies for a Rabbit 7-0 lead at halftime.

It was in the second half of the game that the dam gave way with Delta running up another 36 points, swamping the Carbon defense. And on the other end Delta's defense put Carbon's offense into such a mire that it couldn't get the pigskin across the goal either on the ground or by air.

Delta breached the Carbon defensive dikes with six different players, but it did take them the first half to figure it out. It was a good effort by the Carbon kids, but they just couldn't maintain what they had done in the first minutes in the last minutes.

Carbon's September football schedule as a whole has been very similar to New Orleans; they came into games with great odds against them. They have played Uintah, Union, Canyon View, Hurricane and now Delta. Altogether those teams have a record of 21-7, two lead their respective regions in win/loss percentage and all have winning records.

But despite the record, Carbon came into this game hopeful. The Rabbits appeared to be the weakest of the opponents they had faced so far, and in the first half not only did the defense look pretty good, but the offense was able to generate some mileage as well.

The team now takes on Granite, a team that year to year has not had a great football record in two decades. The newcomers to Region 8 were at the bottom of Region 10 after play last year. That game will take place in Salt Lake, but the Farmers home field advantage is usually weak, so this may be a good chance for the Dinos to show their stuff.

Granite comes into the game with a 1-5 record, the first team Carbon will face this year that has a losing record.

Then on Oct. 7 the other new team in the region, Juan Diego comes to Price to play. The Soaring Eagles were in the 2A division until this year, where they were one of the top teams in athletics year in and year out.

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