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Memory boxes given to hospital

Castleview Hospital employees Gaylene Nelson, Terri Cunningham, Danette Moynier and Jeff Manley accept memory boxes from Renee Banasky and Nancy Shelley.

The Price 3rd Ward Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints presented 50 memory boxes to Castleview Hospital recently. They will be offered to parents of stillborn babies as a keepsake.

The project was inspired and directed by ward member Nancy Shelley. Her inspiration came from a very personal source.

"My daughter and son-in-law had a stillborn baby at LDS Hospital," she said. "They were given a similar box. It has meant so much to them to have it. They put everything they received for the baby in it and can open it at any time to look through the contents and remember the baby."

The fabric-covered boxes are designed to help parents preserve memories of the baby's birth. The contents include a disposable camera, photo album, an angel pin, memory certificate and resource information. There is room inside the box for other important mementos that Castleview and the hospital auxiliary already provide; including clothing, blankets, jewelry and hospital bracelets.

"My hope for these boxes, if they have to be used, is that they mean as much to each recipient as my daughter's box has meant to her and her family," said Shelley. "Many women have given generously of their time and resources to create them. My hope is that the recipients will feel that they were made with love."

Danette Moynier, social worker at Castleview, understands that the boxes will be appreciated.

"Nothing can take the pain of losing a child. But, hopefully these gifts will offer some comfort."

"As we created the boxes, it was amazing to see how many people came forward to tell of similar experiences in their families," said Barbara Peterson, 3rd Ward Relief Society President. "These gifts are very meaningful to everyone who loses a child."

"These boxes will help parents who are going through a very hard experience. It is a wonderful service and we are grateful to the Relief Society for their compassion," observed Jeff Manley, Castleview CEO.

The boxes will be stored at Castleview Hospital until they are needed.

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