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Letter to the Editor: They say 'sock it to em'



Sock it to em.

All these who buy gas that is. The oil companies have no morals or conscience. They do have big bank accounts though.

The storage tanks in Salt Lake City are full and the fuel that has been refined in them for how long, only they know.

The gas is delivered to your local stations. So how long does it sit in those tanks? Depends on sales.

How in good conscience can they raise the Price every day when your cost was determined weeks ago? Shame on them.

Fortunately we have no real shortage to go along with the prices. (Keep it coming Wyoming).

And what about those shortages. I have 10 spark plugs (but any product will work in this example) that sell for a dollar each. When I get down to five in my inventory (a shortage) is it ok to get $1.50 for them? That would be guaranteed income.

All we can do is complain. The oil companies won't change anything. They just get to say, sock it to em.

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