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Keep the heart in the voting process

General manager

Last years general election really showed something.

With over 80 percent of the registered voters in Carbon County coming out to voice their opinions in the general election, it proved people could be driven to cast their ballots because they cared about who is running things in this country.

Fast forward to this year.

I know it is hard for many people to get excited about off year elections, particularly those that involve totally local officials. However, in my opinion, we should actually get more interested in those elections than in the national tickets.

The reason? Because what local officials do generally impacts all of us a lot more on a daily basis than the acts of a president or congressman.

In addition, the difference of a single vote can have a definite effect on an election in a local area, so the citizens certainly have more responsibility to vote too.

Admitedly, the only candidates non-incorporated area residents can vote for in this election is for a seat on the Price River Water Improvement District board. But judging by the concerns people had when PRWID decided to raise taxes this next year, that race should have some interest in it.

But in all the incorporated areas, the mayor and at least a couple of seats on each of the city councils are up for grabs. In Price, in particular, there is a load of candidates running for city council. Some are familiar names, others relative new comers to the elective process.

This is the chance for the average citizen to make a difference and to determine their cities direction.

So put your heart in your responsibility to vote and that will keep the heart in the entire voting process as well.

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