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Carbon girl's soccer launches into third in region

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Veronica Cazares, number 8, and Kara Palmer, number 25, compete against each other in a scrimmage on Sept. 1 after a forfeit by Granite. Coaches Tanya Henrie and Dave Capalbo used the forfeit by Granite as a chance to get in some real practice by dividing the team into two.

Carbon High's girl's soccer team is getting better and better during each game they play. The Dinos are now third in the region after beating Grand but losing to North Sanpete in the last week.

Last Thursday the Dinos played Grand, a team from Moab, at Carbon.

It was a tight game between the two extremely competitive teams. Neither team scored during the first half with a 0-0 halftime score.

The girls ended up pulling in a win, ending the game 3-2.

The Dinos were led by Samantha Smith in the game, who scored two goals, and by Brenda Davis, who added a goal as well.

This win launched the Dinos into third place in Region 8 with six region points.

Tuesday, the team traveled to North Sanpete. The girls took an early lead just one minute into the game.

It was 2-0 about five minutes after that before turning into a dogfight between the two competitive teams.

North Sanpete scored, going to 2-1. Then they scored again, 2-2.

Then Carbon scored, pulling back into the lead at 3-2. Then North Sanpete scored again tying 3-3 at the half.

Carbon went back into the second and got a couple more scores early in the second half and led 5-3 with about four minutes left in the game.

North Sanpete tied it up right at the end of the half, 5-5.

Carbon and North Sanpete then headed into a 10 minute golden goal overtime period. North Sanpete scored a couple of minutes into the overtime, ending the game and taking the win.

Carbon dominated the entire game until then but came away with a devastating loss after taking the game into overtime.

Patricia Smith led the Dinos with two goals on her own. Brandi Karren, Tiz Smith and Samantha Smith all scored for Carbon as well.

The Dinos are currently holding strong in third in the region and it is possible that they will still move up to second. They currently have four wins and five losses total and one win and two losses in the region. Delta is just ahead of them in the region with three region wins and just one loss. Delta is 3-5 in total.

The girls seem to be getting more confident all the time. The Carbon team is still a young program, but seems to be doing better each year they play. This year just might be the best they have ever had. The Dinos are on the verge of making the state playoffs for the first time ever in their short six year history as a team. Two more wins should get them into the playoffs and they still have six more region games to play.

The Dinos will be taking on the tough Juan Diego team later today at 3:30 p.m. This will be an away game.

Having three region wins and no region losses this season, Juan Diego is holding their own as one of the leading girl's soccer teams in the state and have not been scored on so far this season in region games. Juan Diego might bring some tough opposition to the Dinos. Carbon plans on being the first in the region to score on Juan Diego and with how great the girls have been playing, shouldn't have a problem doing so.

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