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Mont Harmon Pirate football team wins against Canyon View Cougars

The Canyon View Cougars were easily defeated by the Mont Harmon Pirates in a game on September 7.

The Cougars were obviously no match for this year's strong Mont Harmon team when they were crushed by the destructive power of the Pirate's offense and defense.

It was clear after just the first series of plays in the game that the Cougars were over matched by the Pirates.

Once again, the Pirate's defense was so overwhelming that they held another team scoreless. In this game, the defense only allowed four first downs, three of those due to penalties.

The offense also dominated the Cougars. They scored six touchdowns to end the game with a landslide 52-0 score. The Pirates opened up their playbook and the Cougar's defense had no answer.

Angel Romero lead the Pirate's offense with an amazing three touchdowns. With Nathan Martinez's powerful running style, the team is easily becoming an upstoppable 1-2 punch.

Joey Keller, quarterback for the team, runs the offense in such poise and always makes the right decisions during the game.

Joshua Denison returned an amazing kick off 68-yard for the Pirate's other touchdown in the game.

With Tyson Stevens and Mike McMiller on the defense, it is hard to see where this year's team is weak.

"They are playing beyond their potential," said Tim Tiller, head coach of the Mont Harmon football team. He also added that "they are getting stronger and stronger each week."

This is the third game of the Pirate's season. The Pirates have had no trouble defeating any of the teams they have gone up against this year. Mont Harmon has defeated San Rafael and Uintah this year and can now add Canyon View to that list.

The Mont Harmon team is obviously going to be a force to be reckoned with this season.

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