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Carbon cross country competes in two away meets

On Wednesday, August 31, Carbon High's cross country team traveled to Juan Diego High School for a meet with seven other schools. All the schools in region 8 were there except Emery.

Both Juan Diego and Granite High School, who are new in the region, competed in the meet.

As expected, Juan Diego won the boy's meet, Carbon boys placing third out of the seven teams that competed.

Paul Goodrich placed second, Jacob Perez placed fourth, and Kent Olsen placed 10th overall in the meet. Sam Madrid was 28th and Jordan Burrows was 26th.

The top five athletes on the team count toward the team's total points. The other runners on the team are still very important as they take points away from athletes from other teams who finish behind them.

Carbon only had two girls compete in the meet at Juan Diego. Carbon needed five girls to make a team. Paige Morley placed 10th out of all the girls who competed while Katie Hobbs finished in 16th place.

Carbon then traveled to an invitational meet in Moab on Saturday, Sept. 3. The weather was hot, draining most of the athletes' energy.

The boy's varsity team placed second and received a trophy for their efforts and skill.

Paul Goodrich finished second in the varsity division, followed by Beau Morley in 10th place, Sam Madrid in 16th, Kent Olsen in 21st and Stetson Kunz in 25th.

Due to the long holiday weekend, Carbon had seven boys not compete. The team had to be juggled around to make up for the loss.

In the boy's junior varsity division, Jared Richens from Mont Harmon placed eighth, while Brett Wells was 13th, Esplin Kass 14th and James Machciaski 15th, followed by Seth Wells. The boys placed third overall as a junior varsity team.

In the girl's junior varsity division, Brittney Jepson placed 10th.

In the girl's varsity division, Paige Morley placed 11th while Katie Hobbs was 18th, followed by Ashley Anderson.

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