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Letter to the Editor: Paying for free speech



This letter is in response to Robert Medaris' Salt Lake Tribune Public Forum letter of August 31,2005, which was in response to an August 23 editorial about the Pioneer Park demonstration pertaining to President Bush's visit to Salt Lake City to address the VFW Convention.

Mr. Medaris is upset that Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson spoke at the demonstration opposing Bush's policy concerning Iraq. I may be mistaken, but I believe that Mayor Anderson is a United States citizen. Given this fact, he has as much right as Mr. Medaris, President Bush or myself to state his opinion on any subject he wishes to. If Bush has his way, that might not be the case much longer in this country but so far, it is.

As to the demonstration not being "free" to the citizens, and Mr. Medaris' rant that Rocky should pay for any demonstration (police presence, etc.) so that the cost is not passed on to taxpayers who don't agree with his agenda, I ask this. What about taxpayers who don't agree with Bush's agenda having to pay the much higher cost of hosting a President who has done nothing but lie to us?

Do the words "pay for free speech" make any sense to you, Mr. Medaris?

Probably only when you don't agree with what the speaker has to say.

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