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Local man arrested for poaching two buck deer in Sanpete County

Two buck deer were poached in Sanpete County on July 30. A Carbon County resident was arrested for the crime the next night after having a DUI related accident.

On July 31, Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) Conservation Officer Stacey Jones was called to the scene of a DUI accident in Miller Creek near Price which led to a felony deer investigation.

A Carbon County Deputy noticed an unusual amount of deer blood and hair in the back of the wrecked vehicle and notified Officer Jones who responded to the scene.

From the investigation that followed the accident, it was determined that the suspect had killed two four point buck deer the night before with the aid of a spotlight on Skyline Drive in Sanpete County.

On his return to Price, he abandoned the two deer in a campsite in Huntington Canyon. The suspect was then involved in an accident a few hours later in Carbon County.

The suspect will be charged with a third degree felony in Sanpete County District Court. He faces fines, restitution, possible jail time, as well as forfeiture of his rifle and the suspension of his hunting privileges.

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