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Mont Harmon freshmen football team defeats Uintah

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The Carbon High football team was defeated in their second game of the season on Friday in a game against Uintah, while the freshmen from Mont Harmon Junior High took home their first win against Uintah's freshmen the night before.

Carbon High's team was defeated early on in the game when they scored their first and last points of the game during the first quarter. Uintah scored 17 in the first quarter to Carbon's six.

The second and third quarters were about the same for Carbon. Uintah scored 21 in the second quarter and seven in the third. The game ended with a 45-6 win for the Uintah team.

It was different for the freshmen of Mont Harmon. With a new head coach in place, Mont Harmon was determined to end their first game in style and possibly with a win. This determination could be seen by any spectator on the field and could be what helped Mont Harmon to their 8-6 victory against Uintah.

The freshmen of Mont Harmon attributed this win to their new head football coach, Tim Tiller. Tiller lead his freshmen team to their first win.

Mont Harmon didn't look good to win with their small 21 player team to Uintah's nearly 40 player team.

Both teams got out onto the field and played hard from the beginning. It was a very physical game from both sides of the field. The Mont Harmon players also brought heart to the game.

Uintah scored a touchdown on the second drive of the game. They attempted a two point conversion but failed to cross the goal line.

In the second quarter, Joey Keller intercepted a pass and returned it 65 yards for the Pirates' first touchdown. Their two point conversion also failed.

Both teams moved the ball up and down the field with ease but the strong defense of the opposing team would not allow any more points on the board.

In the fourth quarter, the Pirates put an 80 yard drive together but came up one yard short of the goal line.

Uintah, on their own one yard line, attempted a run up the middle and the only thing they found was an interception. The nose tackle ripped through the line and tackled the fullback for a safety.

This was an especially impressive win for the freshmen of Mont Harmon Junior High that usually don't get noticed by most.

This win will signal what is to be a great season of football for Mont Harmon. Mont Harmon's new coach is in agreement with this.

"I think this is going to be a very special year for these players," Coach Tiller commented.

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